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USACollegeChat Podcast

May 5, 2016

Our episode today takes a look at the 529 plans that states offer to their residents (and actually to residents of other states, too) as a way to save for college and protect the earnings on those savings from taxes.  We are pleased to have Vivian Tsai, Senior Director of ScholarShare, and Yvette Haring, Team Manager of 529 Specialists for California, from TIAA.  Vivian and Yvette work with TIAA to administer California’s 529 plan, and they have lots of information for you about California and nine more states they work with and, indeed, about other states as well. 

I am sorry that I didn’t know Vivian and Yvette before I sent my own three children to undergraduate and graduate school.  They really could have helped.

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