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USACollegeChat Podcast

Mar 4, 2016

We are taking a break today from our series focusing on news stories about higher education to let you know something important about our podcast. We have often talked about the geography of college-going behavior among high school graduates, and now we would like to talk about our own geography—that is, NYCollegeChat.

By the time Marie and I got through the first double handful of NYCollegeChat episodes just over a year ago, we realized that virtually everything we were talking to you all about was national in scope. That is, there was no NY about it. People began to ask us our podcast was called NYCollegeChat, and we gave a relatively lame answer something like this: “Well, we thought we would get our listeners from New York City and New York State because this was where we had begun giving college advice to high school families—specifically, to those families at the Early College high school we co-founded in New York City.” Truthfully, we figured that there were a lot of families in New York City alone that needed free college-going advice and, initially, we were thinking to call it NYCCollegeChat. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

So, dear listeners, we are working out the logistics of changing our name now—and, of course, all the electronic moves that have to occur. But you will always be able to find us through NYCollegeChat in case you forget our expansive new name: USACollegeChat.

Now, let me be the first to say that we have done our fair share of talking about colleges outside the U.S. and indeed of encouraging students to consider those colleges seriously—whether for full-time study (like at Richmond, The International University in London) or for a semester or two (like at the many, many colleges we have spotlighted with programs that seem to us simply too good to pass up). While we will continue to talk about great options outside the U.S., we thought it was a little presumptuous to call our podcast WorldwideCollegeChat. But, stick around; that could happen next.

So, good-bye from NYCollegeChat and hello from USACollegeChat. We sure hope you keep listening.

During this transition, you may experience delays on the NYCollegeChat website as we transition to our new home at But our back episodes will continue to be available in iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn, and you can always contact us through our parent organization, Policy Studies in Education.