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USACollegeChat Podcast

Jan 16, 2015

This week, we’re talking about internships, volunteer service, and part-time jobs during the school year as part of our series, Getting Ready to Apply. Listen to the podcast to find out about… The reasons that working with adults outside of school is so important The advantages of unpaid internships in small business The right time of year to start looking for volunteer work Episode show notes are available at Connect with us through… Subscribing to NYCollegeChat on iTunes, Stitcher, or TuneIn! Following us on Twitter @NYCollegeChat Reviewing parent materials we have available at Policy Studies in Education Inquiring about our consulting services if you need individualized help Following us on Facebook Ask your questions or share your feedback by… Calling our hotline at 516-900-NYCC Emailing us at to ask a question if you want us to answer it privately