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USACollegeChat Podcast

Oct 9, 2014

We're continuing our series on understanding the world of college this week by exploring colleges and universities with selected academic specialties. Regardless of the wide range of subjects most students study in high school, for some students one particular subject is the only reason to come to school. That is one reason that it is so important for high schools to offer a full array of subjects and a broad schedule of after-school activities. Some students are ready to specialize when it comes to college. What those students have to decide is whether to attend a university—which offers the field of study they are interested in, along with many, many others—or a college that is entirely dedicated to the field of study they are interested in. Listen to the podcast to find out about… What parents, teachers, and high school students want from arts education The truth about taking courses across schools or colleges within a university The surprising breadth of courses in colleges devoted to the arts Connect with us through… Subscribing to NYCollegeChat on iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, or TuneIn! Following us on Twitter @NYCollegeChat Reviewing parent materials we have available at Policy Studies in Education Inquiring about our consulting services if you need individualized help Following us on Facebook as NYCollegeChat Ask your questions or share your feedback by… Calling our hotline at 516-900-NYCC Emailing us at to ask a question if you want us to answer it privately